W3 [rıˈsto: US -o:r] v [T]
1¦(former situation)¦
2¦(positive feeling)¦
4¦(give something back)¦
5¦(bring back a law)¦
6 restore somebody to power/the throne
[Date: 1200-1300; : Old French; Origin: restorer, from Latin restaurare 'to renew, rebuild']
to make something return to its former state or condition
restore sth to sth
The government promises to restore the economy to full strength.
She was hoping that the Mediterranean climate would restore her to full health.
The National Guard was called in to restore order (=make people stop fighting and breaking the law) when riots broke out.
initiatives to restore peace in the Middle East
restore (diplomatic) relations with sb
Vietnam restored diplomatic relations with South Korea on December 22.
restore sb's sight/hearing
(=make someone who cannot hear or who is blind, hear or see again)
to bring back a positive feeling that a person or a group of people felt before
measures aimed at restoring public confidence in the education system
a man whose kindness and sincerity really restored my faith in human nature (=helped me to believe that people can be good)
3.) ¦(REPAIR)¦
to repair an old building, piece of furniture, or painting etc so that it is in its original condition
The church was carefully restored after the war.
a Victorian fireplace restored to its former glory
formal to give back to someone something that was lost or taken from them
= ↑return restore sth to sb
The treaty restored Okinawa to Japan.
to bring back a law, tax, right etc
a campaign to restore the death penalty
6.) restore sb to power/the throne
formal make someone king, queen, or president again, after a period when they have not been in power

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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